Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Reasons To Outsource Your Entire Business

Lots?of people?who?re new to outsourcing ask this question.

They?ve?heard?horror stories of projects that have dragged out for months. They?ve?heard of?people getting low-quality work. There are even a few cases of people?paying?and getting nothing in return.

But?here?s the?thing:
All of these horror stories happen to a?tiny minority of business owners. And it?often happens to those who don?t know the right way to outsource.

But?for those who do know the truth about outsourcing, you?ll see them?singing its?praises.

Truth?is,?NOTHING will help you grow your business faster than a handpicked?outsourcing?team!

Here?are five?reasons why business owners all over the world happily?outsource their?entire business? and why you should too:

You get to focus on the ?high value? tasks.

There?s nothing worse than spending?hours doing a low-value task (like creating a graphic or writing?articles) when?you have other high-value tasks on your to-do list, like recruiting?joint?venture partners or drafting a marketing plan. Savvy business owners?know that?the key to business growth is to hand the low-value tasks to someone?else so?that you have time to focus on the high-value tasks.

A professional often can create better results.

I don?t know about you, but I?m far?from being an expert on a variety of business tasks, like graphics,?programming, design, copywriting and more. Sound familiar? Then start?outsourcing, because a professional will most certainly do a better job?since?he?s the expert.

A professional can often do it for cheaper than you.

Time is money, right? So every hour?you spend on a task may cost you $50, $100 or more. If you attach a?dollar?figure to your time and then start calculating how much it ?costs? you?to do a?job yourself, you may be startled to discover that a professional can?actually?do the job for less cost than you!

Example:?If your time?is worth $50 an hour, and it takes you an hour to write an article,?then that?article costs you $50 to do yourself. I bet you can find a competent?writer to?do the article for half the cost ? thereby saving you both time and?money!

You?ll stop struggling to move forward.

One of the major reasons business?owners struggle to grow their business is because they spend too much?time?struggling with daily tasks. For example, it may take a beginner an?entire day?to install a script on a website. But a professional could do the same?task in?as little as 10 minutes.

Point?is, stop?struggling. Stop trying to climb steep learning curves. Stop wasting?time?learning how to do frustrating tasks. Just hire a professional to do it?instead!

You?ll enjoy more free time.

You don?t have to be chained to your business 24?hours a day in order for it to grow and be successful. If you?outsource, you?can spend just a few hours a week working in your business. And that?frees you?to do the things you really enjoy, like spend time with your friends?and
family, enjoy your hobbies and do more traveling!


It?s?clear to?see why so many savvy business owners outsource their entire business?
and why?you should too.

But?before you?even think of hiring a freelancer, you need to learn the ropes. You?need to?make sure you the process is painless, productive and profitable.

And that?s why you need to click here to check out the Hands Off Success System for outsourcing. Do it now, because you won?t be disappointed!

Source: http://bestmarketingpractices.com/207/5-reasons-to-outsource-your-entire-business/

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