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Trademark Registrations AFRICA | Tradedark Law

March 2, 2012
Trade Mark News and Interesting Facts

Trademark Registrations AFRICA

Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. is an intellectual property law firm that specialize in obtaining and protecting your trademark rights. Our focus is to provide legal services for intellectual property throughout Africa. We assist overseas agents and individual applicants with trademark searches, trademark registrations,?trademark renewals and prosecution of?trademark infringement cases. Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. also provide legal advice on commercial rights attached to trademarks.

Intellectual property is treated as business assets on the balance sheet and has a monetary value associated with it. It is most likely that your business has already generated intellectual property of value through the creativity of the individuals in the business. Once the intellectual property of a business has been identified, it is possible to protect it by means of registered, unregistered, contractual agreements or non-statutory forms of protection.

Smit & Van Wyk, Inc.?trademark services for logos, names, slogans, branding, symbols, service marks, domain names:

  • Trademark?applications, filings and registrations
  • Trademark novelty search
  • Trademark maintenance and renewals
  • Trademark licensing

The Smit & Van Wyk, Inc. head office is located in Pretoria, South Africa providing our international and local clients with trademark services in most countries on the African continent.

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