Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Survivor: Redemption Island': Parvati Shallow's Recap - Episode 10

26 days in and these people are starving. At this point, the light at the end of the tunnel seems too far away to give any hope of sweet relief and the game gets truly dark. These contestants are powerless to stop the emptiness from creeping into their brains. They are feeling the intense lack of all things that make us feel human and safe: food, the comforting touch of a loved one, clean clothes or a hot shower. Their once civilized minds are taking a back seat to their beastly primal natures and deep rooted fears and insecurities that they?ve worked their entire lives to repress are bubbling up to the surface. This is the breaking point.

I?d have to say the island is starting to get the best of Phillip. Phillip?s issues are surfacing now in a bad, but albeit, highly entertaining, way. Let?s be honest, he has some major Lord of the Flies power tripping going on with the old Zapatera crew. First, he feels completely entitled to steal the tired threesome?s rice. Then when the island tries to teach him a lesson by plaguing the Ometepe rice with maggots, Phillip cries out in a fit of rage, waging a "rice war" or "race war" with Steve. I say, the man crying out foul play the loudest is usually the man with something to hide. Obviously, Phillip knew he was in the wrong for stealing the old Zapatera crew's rice, and, instead of admitting guilt, he chose to create an insane argument in which "crazy" is synonymous with a racial slur. Interesting.

Phillip is working his crazy a little too hard for it to be strictly strategy. He?s long jumped over the line right now and with his "rice wars" he is causing so much conflict around camp that he?s getting under everyone?s skin. I mean, things have to be pretty bad if we?re seeing sweet little Julie channel her inner Russell by stealing Phillip?s shorts right off the line and burying them. Really Julie? You condemned Russell for his devious antics and when push comes to shove you end up playing the same childish game. People in glass houses shouldn?t throw stones..or I should say, people in Survivor shouldn?t throw challenges.

Phillip?s tragic flaw may be his over-indulging of his inner savage. He?s forgotten he?s playing a game in which he has to secure the votes of his fellow tribesman in order to win the million dollar prize at the end. And now, he may have gone a little too overboard with his lunacy for anyone to keep him around to the end. Even Rob, who originally wanted to keep Phillip as his final goat, seems ready to let the man go.

?One man should not have this much power on the island.? Rob?s been here before, he?s the only one who knows what it?s like to hit the threshold of day 26 Survivor and he?s staying strong and focused. He?s got his eye on the prize and I think he may be the only one playing to win right now.

At Redemption Island, Matt is holding on to his faith, but it is so hard for me to watch him break. He?s been holding down the fort alone on Redemption for the majority of the past 26 days. Survivor puts your mind, body and spirit through your toughest tests. The game takes you to your lowest lows and highest highs. Matt?s being tested now and we?ll see if he can regain his strength and spirit in the game. I?m rooting for Matt. He?s shown some serious determination and will power. He could have easily given up on the house of cards challenge and gone out to ponderosa for some home cooked mac and cheese, but he stayed focused and lives to see another day at Redemption. He?s pretty badass in my book. Steve and Ralph are next in line for execution and, once these two are gone, the game should get much more interesting. Wait for it....

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